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New and Improved Christmas Eve Traditions for 2023

New and Improved Christmas Eve Traditions for 2023


As the holiday season approaches, it's the perfect time to refresh and revitalize your Christmas Eve traditions. While classic rituals like decorating the tree and leaving out milk and cookies for Santa will never go out of style, there are new and exciting traditions that have gained popularity in 2023. In this blog post, we'll explore some of the new and improved Christmas Eve traditions that can add a fresh layer of joy and wonder to your holiday celebrations.

Christmas Light Shows: A Visual Spectacle

One of the most enchanting trends for Christmas Eve in 2023 is the rise of Christmas light shows that you can walk or drive through. These immersive displays feature millions of twinkling lights, captivating music, and dazzling visuals. Families can stroll through these wonderlands, or enjoy them from the comfort of their cars with a cup of hot cocoa in hand. You may even be able to take some photos posing with the lights for social media, or just for your own memories. Some bigger light shows may offer pictures with Santa, live music, shows, and even attraction rides. For example, Pensacola's Winter Fest offers all of these, including a mini train ride! 

Be sure to check out the best light shows in your area and make it a new holiday tradition to witness the magic. 

Ornament Exchanging Parties: A Twist on Decorating

Ornament exchanging parties have become a delightful new tradition for Christmas Eve. These gatherings allow friends and family to exchange meaningful ornaments, turning decorating into a festive social event. Each ornament tells a story, creating lasting memories and cherished keepsakes. Customize the ornament shape of your choice with the name of a loved one that can be shown off on their tree every year. You have the flexibility to make these exchanges informal, or you can opt for a structured approach using games like Secret Santa, White Elephant, or even a festive spin on "Musical Chairs" called "Musical Ornaments." In this game, participants pass around gift-wrapped ornaments until the music stops, adding an element of surprise and enjoyment to the occasion! Host your own ornament exchange and invite loved ones to share in the joy of decorating and the gift of giving.

If you need ornament inspiration check out these personalized ornaments:


Cookie Decorating: Creativity and Deliciousness

Adding a fresh twist to the classic tradition of baking cookies, many families now gather for cookie decorating parties. It's an opportunity to get creative with your favorite holiday treats. Set up a cookie decorating station with various icing colors, sprinkles, and edible decorations. Don't forget a speaker to play your favorite Christmas tunes during the party! This family event is a chance to bond with loved ones, unleash your artistic side, and enjoy delicious treats at the same time. Consider making this event a competition where the family votes for their favorite cookies. This will light a competitive but playful spirit in your household. You can even make a homemade trophy for the winner as well. 

Personalized Milk and Cookie Trays: Elevating a Classic Tradition

Now that you have decorated your cookies, you can't forget to include Santa and show him your masterpiece! To enhance the time-honored tradition of leaving milk and cookies for Santa, many families are now using personalized milk and cookie trays. These customized trays add a special touch to the Christmas Eve experience, and make it even more memorable. These can come in different colors, have different designs, and even be hand engraved or printed on. There are even cookie trays that have integrated dry-erase boards so the kids can write a message for Santa to read while enjoying his cookies. 

Imagine the delight on your child's face when they see their name on the tray, reserved especially for Santa and his snacks. 

Ready for Christmas Eve?

This Christmas Eve, consider incorporating some of these new and improved traditions into your celebrations. Whether you choose to visit a mesmerizing light show, host an ornament exchange party, get creative with cookie decorating, or personalize your milk and cookie tray, the key is to make the holiday season a time of joy, togetherness, and meaningful experiences.

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