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6 Reasons Custom Golf Balls Are Awesome Father’s Day Gifts

6 Reasons Custom Golf Balls Are Awesome Father’s Day Gifts

two white titleist golf balls with custom personalized name happy 1st fathers day handprint designs on top of golf course grass background


It’s closing in on the third Sunday in June, a.k .a. Father’s Day. Last year, you forgot about it and did what 60% of Americans do for their dads – get them a card.  

This year, you want to get your priorities straight.  

And you don’t mean giving him a tie or a gift card (2nd and 3rd on the Father’s Day gifting list). 

You want your Father’s Day gift to be really badass.  

That means getting him something:  

  • Thoughtful 
  • Useful 
  • A little quirky 
  • Custom 

For the golfer in your life, there’s nothing more thoughtful than a gift he can use and enjoy on the course.  

Custom photo golf balls will impress and delight the golfer in your life, whether he’s a professional or weekend warrior looking to lower his handicap.  


Your Golfer Dad’ll Appreciate Custom Photo Golf Balls 

So, what are personalized golf balls anyway?  

If you’re a golfer, you can go to their local sports store and buy as many non-branded golf balls as needed.  

Or you can spend a little more to get a set of brand-name golf balls, such as Titleist, Callaway, or Pinnacle. 

Finally, you can take things further and customize your favorite golf ball, making it uniquely yours. 

Custom photo golf balls are balls you can print whatever image, text, or combination you desire. 

These customized golf balls are great for teams, events, tournaments, props, weddings, and much more.  

They also make fantastic gifts for the golfer in your life, especially on occasions like Father's Day.  

When your golfer dad receives a custom set of golf balls, he’ll appreciate the attention to detail, making him more eager to hit the course and perfect his craft.  

Here are 6 reasons to consider personalized golf balls as part of your Father’s Day redemption arc. 


1. Unlock the Power of Personalization 

For Father’s Day, you can print a photo on a set of your dad’s favorite brand of golf balls.  

It can be an image of his favorite pet, his family, a meme, a special logo, or a Father’s Day message. It can also be a funny selfie, so he can see his face barreling 200 yards across the Fairway.  

There’s something cool about placing your custom image at the tee box. You feel more pride and determination to get a better score.  

Personalized golf balls also match your dad’s style, setting him apart whether he’s practicing, playing for a friendly wager, or competing in a tournament.  

We recommend our Photo Golf Balls option, where you can choose the brand, package size, and image style.  


2. Custom Golf Balls are Conversation Starters 

The golf course is a great place to meet new people, network, and form fantastic social and business connections. 

Custom photo golf balls for Father’s Day could be an excellent conversation starter. 

Your dad places it on the tee. It catches the eye of another player. Then, the conversation starts.  

He can talk about how he got the golf balls and what they mean to him. They spark laughter, banter, and curiosity. Before you know it, he’s made a new connection, a new friend, or a new client.  

That one heartfelt gift pays tenfold.  


3. Personalized Golf Balls are Versatile 

What additional benefits are there in a blank, unbranded golf ball? 

Not many. 

Adding a photo to your dad’s favorite golf ball makes it more appealing to him, improving his focus.  

He can also identify his ball on the Green, leading to no confusion in close games.  

It can also be useful off the course.  

He can use them for backyard games, as desk stress relief (don't tell your boss!), a special ornament, or even hilariously personalized decorations. 

It’s an easy-to-carry memento when he’s away from his family.  

You can even start his golf ball collection. He can get different images, monograms, and logos of his favorite sports teams. 

Custom photo golf balls are the gift that keeps on giving.  


4. Sentimentality on the Fairway 

Don’t limit your creativity to a custom photo or selfie.  

You can mix and match golf ball gifts for some added sentimentality.  

For instance, you can add his favorite pet or a special Father’s Day message to deepen the connection with his family and favorite pastime. 

Treat him to a set featuring different photos for each round. You can even add milestones like his best score, the date of his biggest win, or an inside joke.  

Every drive becomes a reminder of your love and appreciation, even when you're not around. 


5. Take Trash-Talking up a Notch 

Your dad is a well-known trash-talker on the course.  

He can give as much as he gets. He bets. He wins, and he loses.  

Custom photo golf balls can take his gift of gab up a notch.  

A photo of his grinning face may be exactly what he needs to take his on-course banter to the next level. 

He can rattle his friends as they see his face flying toward the cup.  

He can start with a funny meme that puts them off their game. 

There are no more gimmes with a custom-printed grin staring back. 

Your dad may come home and tell you that his gift was the difference-maker on the course. 

We recommend the Dad Jokes are How Eye Roll Golf Balls or Imagine This is Your Ex Golf Balls (although mom may not approve).  


6. Fewer “Lost Ball” Replacements 

Losing golf balls is a common issue in the sport. It can land in the water or get lost among thick bushes or trees.  

Losing a regular golf ball stings, but it’s quickly and easily replaced to keep the game going.  

With a personalized golf ball, the stakes are much higher.  

The emotional investment can raise your dad’s game as he’ll be intent on keeping your gift, which means keeping the ball inbounds more often than not.  

Your pops will probably scour every bunker with newfound determination. 


Easily Become Your Dad’s Favorite 

For Father’s Day, dads tend to feel they get the bad end of the stick. The numbers don’t lie; we spend several times more on Mother’s Day.  

With custom photo golf balls for the golfer in your life, you have a secret weapon.  

You can give your dad a personalized golf gift that’s truly badass. It’s sentimental, versatile, and an excellent conversation starter. It solidifies your dad's passion and love for the game and shows you pay attention.  

At All Custom Gifts,  we help you to print amazing images that matter on the best golf balls available. From photos and logos to monograms and memes, you can customize the perfect Father’s Day gift he’ll never forget.

Contact us today to help you design and print golf balls for the golf-obsessed dad in your life. 

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